Customer Testimonials

Kathy ( 5 stars)

Wow......I have to say that Absolute Perfection Detailing did a fabulous job on my dad's car.  I had this done for him for his birthday.  My father is 82 years old and I have to say that he is quite hard to please.  My dad could not believe what a great job that they did.  He has taken his car to other detailers and was not at all satisfied with their work. With that being said, I will be taking my car to Absolute Perfection once the weather clears.  Thank you Chris and his girlfriend for such a great job!  

Wow......I have to say that Absolute Perfection Detailing did a fabulous job on my dad's car.  I had this done for him for his birthday.  My father is 82 years old and I have to say that he is quite hard to please.  My dad could not believe what a great job that they did.  He has taken his car to other detailers and was not at all satisfied with their work. With that being said, I will be taking my car to Absolute Perfection once the weather clears.  Thank you Chris and his girlfriend for such a great job!  

Don Krause (5 stars)

I recently had my vehicle detailed by Chris whose business I had located on the internet.  Probably the primary reason I chose Chris was because of the reviews I read on his website and as it turned out it was a marvelous choice.  I am very happy to have the opportunity to add my review.


I have a 1999 Toyota 4 Runner with 183,000 miles and white in color.  A couple of years ago I hired a neighbor of mine to wax my vehicle and what a mistake that was.  I do not know what he used but whatever it was the paint was compromised and became dull.  I waxed it from time to time myself but the shine was gone. 


I left my vehicle with Chris and when I returned to pick it up I truly could not believe my eyes.  The beautiful shine was back and reflecting all of the scenery surrounding my vehicle.  Something I have not seen in quite a while.  I honestly can say that it looked as good if not better then the day I bought it.  The word detail certainly defines Chris and the work he did because he did not miss a thing not only with the outside but also the inside of my vehicle. In my estimation, with the quality of his work, I would consider Chris an artist in his field.  I will gladly refer him to my family and friends and certainly return when the need arises.

Patricia Jancay (5 stars)

I took my 2004 Chrysler Sebring to Chris as I was getting ready to sell it as I had just received a brand new car from my sons for Christmas!
   After meeting Chris and speaking with him I knew he was very passionate about his work and the the type of service he would give me.  When I picked my car up at his shop I couldn't believe how great it looked! The body was all shiny and smooth to the touch ( which it hadn't been before!) the headlights were all yellowed when I dropped it off ,but,when I picked it up they looked brand new! The wheels and wheel wells were like new. He shampooed the engine and that looked new also! The interior was shampooed and every inch shined! I was MORE than pleased! He told me he always strives for all of his work to be " perfect" and he certainly is true to his word.
 I advertised my car on Craigslist that evening...and sold it the very next day! 
I HIGHLY recommend Chris's business to anyone looking for wonderful work at a very fair price for all the hours and work he puts in .

Govind Mohan (5 stars)

Chris from Absolute Perfection Detailing did a very nice job with my car - A Mazda 3s hatchback. I had not done any detailing since I bought the car 8 years ago and even though I maintained it well, it was starting to show wear. I went for the base package which was about $120 (although I had a discount for $20 from Google) and Chris called me during the service recommending I also get a clay bar finish to take out the years of muck that had accumulated. He recommended I do the clay bar the following week as it would take all day. Didn't push it so it 
didn't feel like I was being forced to do it. He still cleaned and waxed the outside of my car incase I changed my mind abt the clay bar and I appreciated that. Next week after the clay bar was done my car was shinier than ever and had a smooth finish. My girlfriend got her car detailed there too and she was also happy with the outcome. Highly recommend Chris and his company. Thanks!!

Herbert Rambo (5 stars)

I went to APD based on the reviews that appear here and I'm very happy. Chris did a great job on my car and I will be a repeat customer.

Max Cohen (5 stars)
Absolute Perfection Detailing is an awesome place to have your vehicle detailed back to perfection. They did a job that was "absolute perfection" on the interior detailing of my Honda Odyssey Van. They were capable of removing hard stains I could not. They did an amazing job restoring this interior to brand new condition. They made the 9 yr old interior look like it had just rolled off of the lot. They also did an amazing job with the exterior hand wash. They were able to make the rims shine on this van, in a way I haven't seen in years. It was a pleasure to do business with them, and I highly recommend anyone go to them for an interior or exterior detailing service. They strive for "Absolute Perfection" and hit it on the head. Check out their Facebook page and you can see the pictures of the job they did. I plan to use them for all of my vehicles. They are an owner operator business who ensure each client is very happy with their vehicles results.

Josh B. (5 stars)
Absolute Perfection detailers is the best place to do a professional detail on your car that I have found in South Jersey. Chris only uses the finest products ( and I know the difference having bought many of them myself ) and doesn't stop working on the vehicle until it looks as good as it can possibly be. He isn't kidding when he says this is his passion and it shows in his work. Not the least expensive place in town but very reasonable and by far the best. Highly recommended !!!!

Kristin Goc (5 stars)
I had a shiny red S2000. HAD being the key word. With a few years of neglect (as I had no one to wash/wax it for me), and those same years sitting int he direct sun, it started to look pale red, or almost an orange color. The side mirrors were actually faded white. I didnt have much hope that it could be brought back it's original beauty, but I was wrong. After taking it to Absolute Perfection Detailing, it looks just as shiny and red as it was the day I bought it. Not only did Chris take the time to make my car beautiful, he took the time to take me around my car, explaining what he did, why it was faded the way it was, and how I can continue to maintain it moving forward. I will definitely be returning to Absolute Perfection Detailing on a regular basis!

Brain L. ( 5 stars) 
The other day somebody accidently backed into my truck, fortunately only leaving deep tire markings down the side of it. I was really worried because my truck is black and from what I understand you have to know what your doing to compound this color correctly, so after some searching I brought my truck to Absolute Perfection Detailing in West Berlin, NJ. The owner Chris explained in detail what they can do to fix it. After a couple hours I came to get my truck and I couldn't believe how great it looked. They did an awesome job. I would highly recommend this company for their work. On top of that they have a very friendly customer service attitude which is very welcoming. FIVE STAR JOB. WELL DONE! Thanks

Lois Seeligsohn ( 5 stars)
I don't wash my 2006 Saturn (I let the rain do it). Imagine how grungy it was - inside and out (dried leaves, pigeon poop, grease, spilled food and drinks) - when I took it to be hand detailed at Absolute Perfection Detailing. Now, it looks like a new car! The upholstery and mats are bright and clean, even gone are the black marks from tossing my walker into the back seat. The engine is showroom immaculate. Foreign paint from "too-close encounters", and all but the deepest exterior dings were compounded out. The wheels, door jambs, bumpers, under the fenders, dashboard, steering wheel - even the trunk and glove box - scoured to perfection. I was astounded when I picked it up - shiny as a new penny.

Jennifer (5 stars)
I got my husband's 06 Honda Civic detailed as a gift and Chris went over the car with him and any areas that my husband was sensitive to wanting extra time spent on. The car looked better than brand new. His detail definitely lives up to his company name ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!! Thank you for a wonderful job, well worth the money.

Robert ( 5 stars) 
I purchased this car brand new and Chris has taken care of it since day one. No one (including myself) has ever washed, waxed, or cleaned the interior except Absolute Perfection. Folks that are truly into keeping their cars showroom fresh know that it is a job best left to a pro; a real pro. My car looks like the day it rolled off the showroom floor and it has 28,000 miles on it. Honest. Chris takes the time to explain what has to be done, will give you a schedule to follow if you wish, or perform anything from an interior cleaning with the latest equipment to complete paint restoration that will remove years of wear. Best of all, he truly cares and takes pride in the work he does. I give him my highest recommendation. Give him a try, you will be a customer for a long time.

Lindsey W. ( 5 stars)
Chris at Absolute Perfection Detailing took my 11 year old Honda Civic and turned it into an eye catching beauty once again. My Civic's red paint literally looks as vibrant and shiny as the day I drove it off the new car lot. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. I asked for a full detail, but Absolute Perfection took the work to a level I didn't know was possible. The head light restoration looks amazing, and really surprised me. My interior looks new and smell fresh, and even the engine bay was spotless. Absolute Perfection truly lived up to it's name, and I will definitely use this service again next year. Thanks again, Lindsey

Rick ( 5 stars)
Absolute Perfection Detailing is a great place and very professional. I spoke with the technician about getting my cloudy yellow headlights fixed, he explained the process from start to finish, and asked if I had any questions. After he completed his services my headlights looked brand new and the bill was very reasonable. I highly recommend this place and have already scheduled to take my other car there to be serviced.

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